Solenoid Series Hydra-Cell Metering

Solenoid hydra cell metering

Solenoid Series Hydra-Cell Metering


Maximum Flow Rate: up to 0.48 gph (1.8 lph) to 3.17 gph (12.0 lph)

Maximum Flow Capacity:   

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Product Description

Versatile, Economical and Easy to Operate

• Variety of liquid end components to match specific applications
• Model available with pump head that can be moved in three directions to provide flexibility of installation
• Manual-control SM models feature a simple hand-operated dial
• SP, ST & SA models feature digital operation with simple key operations and intuitive user interface – a bright, sharp LED display is clearly visible in low-light as well as high-glare areas
• Water-proof, dust-resistant structure ideal for indoor or outdoor use
• Pump housing is molded from high-impact PPO, an engineered thermoplastic that provides dimensional stability and excellent resistance to heat.
• Power supply range for operation between AC100 and 240V (±10%)
• Fast, easy maintenance as liquid-end parts can be disassembled and replaced by simply detaching four bolts

“Eco-friendly” Mode Reduces Power Consumption up to 55%
Unlike conventional pumps that are always turned on for a specific time period regardless of the discharge pressure,
S Series “Eco-friendly” pumps with pulse control automatically cut the power-on time in accordance with the discharge pressure.
The “Eco-friendly” mode of SP/ST/SA models always monitors operation conditions and automatically shortens the power-on time during low-pressure operation in order to reduce power consumption and operating costs.
S Series Solenoid-driven Diaphragm Metering Pumps